Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Color Revolution

In this era of black, where darkness seems to rule the street, let's have a color revolution. Bright, vibrant, bold colors that screams with delight, the virtues of joy, fun and creative new thoughts.
Let's shed our black clothing and lose ourselves in the colors of the rainbow.
 Let's live our lives as if it were a beautiful watercolor painting.....
 Borrowing from flowers in perfect harmony...
 To the point of becoming our own exotic flower.
Let's put back on our rose colored glasses and begin to dream again.....this time in Technicolor...
Putting ourselves in the garb of a far away land, but making it our own, let's celebrate color, pattern and print...
Artwork by Richard Vyse (@artbyvyse)
...in an attempt to see and experience the world in a totally new realm that extends far beyond the constraints of a world etched simply in black and white,

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Heart to Heart

Pretty in pink. Divinely devilish in red.....once again, I pronounce my love.

Deep down, I always loved you from the shadows...
And then one day, I had the courage to announce my heartfelt feelings for you. It sent me prancing through the prairies in sheer delight!

I became, once again, a young school girl wearing her heart on her sleeve for all to see.
Oh, and this love is sweet and sticky. The more you eat, the more you want!

But sometimes it makes me so blue. Oh, the thought of losing you, I don't know what I'd do.

 Still, I bare my soul to you...

...feeling like a million dollars and I offer up my most precious jewel.....my love!

From me to you.....heart to heart....Je t'aime.....

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas...

 For those of you not following us on Facebook or Twitter, here's what we were up to throughout the month of December. Featured here....the complete set of our first Doll-A-Day Advent Calendar for 2015.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the best this holiday season.

April and the models.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

From the Pages of......

 I want to be on the cover of Vogue!!!!! (Even if it means standing in front of the magazine.)
 I'd like to slip between the glossy pages.
...And upstage the models who pear out from the four corners of a paper thin frame. After all, they are so....very....flat and I am so.....VIBRANT!!!!
I want to wear breathlessly gorgeous couture creations; have my hair immaculately coifed and be so perfectly made up, that everyone will envy me!
 I would look into the camera and POUT!!! I am illusive, I am mysterious, I am...HIGH FASHION!
And when it would be safe to come out from under the pages, I would emerge like a butterfly!!!
Even when I come back down to earth, I would do so flawlessly. After all, I'm a "natural" beauty (thanks to lighting, great makeup and the added boost of designer wear)!
 I want to wrap the pages of a magazine around the shoulders of my haute couture gown.
I feel totally at home in between the covers. Come in and see for yourself.
 You can snuggle in the folds of the pages. It's might cozy, you know!!!
You will see me in my environment, beautifully dressed and in model perfect company! The only thing that matters is that I am absolutely positively, incredibly, unequivocally GORGOUS!
It doesn't matter what I wear or whether or not you can wear my hairstyle or makeup. All that matters is the perception of me you have thanks to paint, cloth and a VERY creative imagination!!!
 And once I'm on the cover of Vogue, I'll be in demand on the catwalks. And then I'll be back on the cover of more magazines..... This is soooooo exciting (at least in my imagination).
 This is a medium where I can have anything and EVERYTHING I want. Come and see!!!
Within the slick pages of a car magazine, I am dressed like a red carpet celebrity. My silk gown was chosen to match the evergreen Lamborghini in the background!!!
I can even get married within the pages of my favorite fashion revue.
As a cover girl I am a beautiful bride forever and ever (even without a groom)! And you will look at how I am put together and wish you were as irresistible as...MOI !!!! (Hopefully a groom will discover me here!)

After all, I am the picture of bliss with me in a cloud of tulle, leaning on the most voluptuous automobile every!
Oh yes.....I want to be a cover girl....if only in my dreams!!!!
Note: For this post, the Tonner girls invited their newest Fashion Royalty friends to pose for this photo study inspired by the works of photographer, Tim Walker.