Saturday, June 24, 2017

Techno Ressurection

Living in a world of image overload.....and technology. Existing images are reworked, overworked to manipulate the eye into thinking they are new. Old pictures become new again thanks to filters, colors and digital fidgeting.

These new images scrambles our eye-to-brain coordination, making it difficult to see, with clarity, exactly what's going on.

Preconceived notions of what is beautiful and what is not are challenged.
What was once the norm....every line, every element carefully drawn or photographed.... is now the exception. Today, "normal" has a bit of trash mixed in. It is bleached out, ripped, scrubbed, stonewashed, recolored, remixed.....

 It is subject to a new world order which has us reconsidering everything in a new light....or the absence of light.

 Thoughts are often abstract....trapping us within the prisms of our own convictions.

The "truth" is no longer relevant. It doesn't matter what I see. I see what I want to see. Period!

I feel what I want to feel. It is my way or the highway. Everyone else must get out of the way! This is "my" world and you must conform.

The flower power generation are a bunch of crazies who won't give up their rose colored glasses. Who needs love and compassion when it's all about money and power! Do I really need a garden. I have rocks.

I can wrap myself in my own cocoon. But I'm feeling alone.....

 I tell myself I can be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do. But is the rest of the world on board with me?

At some point real reality will come crashing back down to earth. Current events will, sooner or later, serve to open our eyes to see what's real and what really counts. Alternative facts are lies. "Me, myself and I" as a concept is not sustainable. No amount of technological manipulation will ever replace the truth!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dolly Advent Calendar 2016 (Dec1-19)

Christmas is such a beautiful time of year in the doll universe. We get to dress up our vinyl divas like little princesses and display them around the house. These photos were created for each day in the month of December. I designed them simply to be beautiful with the aura of a greeting card. For those of you who are not yet on Instagram following along, I present the first 19 days of my second annual Dolly Advent Calendar. I will post the last 6 days on Christmas.


Monday, October 31, 2016


Is she really a witch? Or simply an extraordinary woman with unworldly powers!

She wears her beauty like a mask.
Turning inwards for answers. After all, she is a complex being with a multitude of sensitivities, layers of feelings and the courage to explore the multiplicity of her personality!
And even though she may look like a "witch" to others, she knows how to exploit and manipulate the weaknesses of her adversaries to her advantage. Is she a witch or simply diabolically clever?

She keeps to herself, deeply lost in thought. Does that make her a witch? No! She isn't casting a spell on anyone, she's simply remaining observant, planning her next move....looking at the pros and cons of any situation....deciding whether it's worth her time and effort....and love!
Does the "witch" in her scare you? It's not surprising. Behind that golden mask is a woman with a lion share of confidence, the courage and determination to deal with life but on her own terms !

She shield herself, taking the bad and the good in her stride in such a graceful way. At times, she has been called "a ruthless bitch".....but a witch?
No, in spite of all appearances, she is NOT a witch! She is simply....bewitched!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Color Revolution

In this era of black, where darkness seems to rule the street, let's have a color revolution. Bright, vibrant, bold colors that screams with delight, the virtues of joy, fun and creative new thoughts.
Let's shed our black clothing and lose ourselves in the colors of the rainbow.
 Let's live our lives as if it were a beautiful watercolor painting.....
 Borrowing from flowers in perfect harmony...
 To the point of becoming our own exotic flower.
Let's put back on our rose colored glasses and begin to dream again.....this time in Technicolor...
Putting ourselves in the garb of a far away land, but making it our own, let's celebrate color, pattern and print...
Artwork by Richard Vyse (@artbyvyse) an attempt to see and experience the world in a totally new realm that extends far beyond the constraints of a world etched simply in black and white,