Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beautiful in Black

Black is the color of fantasy. No longer sad or for ladies in mourning, black is the symbol of refinement and haute sophistication.
The devil is in the details. A violent wind whips a succulent veil over her lovely face, conceling part of it, but in doing so, underscores her beauty, rendering it mysterious, irresistible.
After the storm, the calm returns and elegance reigns.
Listen carefully. You can even hear the rustle of her dress in the shadows of her dreams.
She stops to salute her royal subjects... those mesmerized by her beauty.
At midnight, she strolls through her garden, choosing a prize black rose for a crown.
Over her shoulders, a spiderweb of lace caresses her shoulders.
Oh, how she wears this with such grace and charm.
Mysterious creature that she is...
She is soft and lovely, a veritable dream of a queen!
Even in the cold light of the day, beneath her carapace, she is regal with an unearthly presence.
Pausing to reflect on her magnificient life....
She has struggled as warrior by day, defending all that is refined in the face of the vulgarity of the street....
A dazzling star by night, she returns to the heavens where she belongs.

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  1. This is so beautiful! Who are the dolls, originally?

    1. Thank you, Black Kitty. This is a Tonner doll: Precarious-Wild Bird. I love her for her pale skin and jet black hair.

    2. Wow! I didn't realize it was only one doll. Did you edit the lips and the eyes? I'm considering getting a Tonner doll myself.

    3. Hi again. Yes, I digitally changed the makeup. Originally, Precarious Wild Bird comes with green lips and nails. I bought her thinking I would repaint. But when I discovered I could change this easily in Photoshop, I decided to leave it alone because I can create the look I want. That said, I absolutely LOVE the Tonner Antoinette series. I love the shape of their bodies which resembles more a fashion model. Sometimes they can look a little funny in person, like "Antoinette-Chilled", but they photograph beautifully and look so real!!!